If you are fond of the war and/or strategy games then you’re on the right side. We offer you the world of the flash online games, a number of Madness Project Nexus Games. Before getting started you’re strongly recommended to have a look at the main menu and the keyboard instructions for better playing. Moreover a number of versions is also proposed to you, it’s up to you which one to choose; no worry if you are a beginner or amateur player, get skilled and do your best.

play madness project nexus Play against your enemies trying to save your team members and be the winner, be smart enough and get rid of the obstacles. Madness Project Nexus is based on the same engine as the previous versions – but with a new effects and video quality! If you like all of the Madness Project Nexus Games, as well as Strategy Games, Shooting Games, Action Games, you are going to love this!


Before starting playing you can choose the right game you wish to play. In fact there are lots of them but we’re going to offer you just some of them out of current numerous plays. As you might be the Madness Project Nexus game lover than this is definitely for you, the place where you can enjoy playing various versions of it such as: Madness Accelerated – returning back to the city and trying to play with high speed, collecting the scores and reaching the final destinations without serious crashes, Madness Lunacy – one of the scenarios of proposed game, where you need to be smart as possible and Madness Clay Destruction – keep in mind that the speed of playing is high enough, that means that you should be concentrated on the main characters and react as fast as possible in order to avoid being killed. But this is not the complete list of such type of games. Generally these fighting games are specially created for those who prefer playing some action games, take your time and look through the instructions.

MPN - where to play

Here is the Madness Project Nexus – play with ninja who is given the task to win the battle, enter the rooms with full of obstacles and face the challenges. The keyboard arrows will be helpful in planning movements while collecting the weapon or entering the room, even shooting and reloading the game. Have a look and try to get skilled in the main movements. Each level is given which is challenging itself and you have to survive. In this regard the missions and stories, as well as different game modes are given, you have to read carefully the instructions and get started. You can every time upgrade the ninja or just reload the play. Madness Project Nexus you must play in buildings, during the game you will meet armed people, you have to defeat members of this game. In the base, where prisoners (friends) are, you have to save life to the prisoners (friends), which are in the base. At the same time The opponents are going to use Nuclear weapons, you have to penetrate the enemy's base and destroy it.

madness project nexus

MPN Game Upgrades

Most of the game players who prefer to play the "MPN" are also interested in a single upgrade which will lead to the better performance and winning the game. As there are several types of the scenarios of project nexus, each of them is attracting game lovers in terms of new features, new modes, newer weapons and challenges. When you pass a level it becomes more complicated but still challenging for everyone. The upgrades are periodically observed due to the demand and interests of the players and the creators of the game. The main menu is also helpful in this regard as it is obvious what was previously and what is changed and/or modified. Have a look and adjust your ninja accordingly which makes it more powerful and able to earn the scores for defeating the enemies and surviving in the battle. Upgrades available, on the previous versions of "MPN" are available. These are going to blow your mind. As with the previous versions, you still earn money of in-game cash at the end of each enemy kills, that you can then use to purchase upgrades and better stunts. In Madness Project Nexus, though, you can also earn cash while playing! If you can make your power high, play the right strategy. What are you waiting for? Take your time and have a look at the main instructions enclosed, this is your turn right now and becoming the winner! Enjoy your playing and invite your friends who might be also interested in this plays.